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Rubber Synchronous Belts

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Rubber Synchronous Belts

Synchronous transmission is made up of one loops synchronous belt with same tooth pitch and corresponding pulley. Compare with gears, chain transmission, the transmission is more accurate and stable, low noise, constant speed ratio can be obtained, and the speed ratio range is big, the transmission structure more compact.

The structure of rubber synchronous belt is composed four parts. As follow:
(1) glass fiber tensile layer
Glass fiber tensile layer is composed of multiple strands of glass fiber rope, along the spiral belt width around the cloth in the section of the tape line. Its high strength, small elongation, corrosion is the corrosion and heat resistant performance is good.

(2) the neoprene adhesive tape back
Neoprene adhesive tape back it will glass fiber bonding tightly in the section line, which protect the tensile material role. In transmission it need to use the occasion of take back and it also can prevent the damage caused by friction. Its hydrolysis resistance and heat resistance is more superior than polyurethane take back.
 (3) the neoprene adhesive tape
Neoprene adhesive tape is made up with high shear strength and hardness of appropriate neoprene, which needed precision forming and the distribution of the precise location is needed to with pulleys tooth meshing correctly. Its root with prescribed distances from section line, no change in bending time.

(4) nylon cloth layer
Friction resistance of nylon cloth layer is to protect the tape part, should provide superior wear resistance, small friction coefficient of nylon fabric.

Rubber synchronous belt of the company imported raw materials (glass cord and neoprene), anti-bending of good performance, small elongation, high tensile strength, also has a cold and other excellent properties of heat resistant, anti-aging, thermal fatigue.

* T5、T10、T20
* AT5、AT10、AT20
* 5M、8M、14M
* S5M、S8M、S14M
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