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Where is the future of box pasting machine

Release date:2014-04-07    Hits:460 Views

Reportedly, China packaging and printing industry in recent years has achieved rapid development, but the paste box industry is still in its initial stage, broken paste box machine is a very big challenge, but we believe that in the future, the development situation of box pasting machine is mainly the following points.

Box pasting machine

1, suitable for small batch production of packaging box

At present, the short version of the live more and more, paste boxes and small batch in China mainly relies on manual, if automatic pasting box machines will be a breakthrough in small batch production of words, will be more conducive to the promotion and application of automatic paste box machine.

2, high speed, high productivity

As a folding carton supplier, can provide real-time production and just in time delivery has become the customer choice and not a prerequisite. On time delivery, a sufficient number of cartons will help to obtain orders for the shortest time. For box pasting machine must be easy to control, high production speed, of course, stability is indispensable, because manufacturers in preparing production status at any time.

3, improve the degree of automation

In the printing industry are more towards the acceptance period tight, operation cycle shorter, and more work need to reduce preparation time conversion and set the direction of development, equipment manufacturers are facing increasing pressure. The higher degree of automation automatic paste box machine, rely on the operator is low, but also can improve production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the operator. The operation will become more and more humanization, embody the "people-oriented" design concept. The supplier of major domestic box pasting machine shut down.

4, multifunction, flexibility

From the international market share, the line boxes accounted for about 60%, lock boxes accounted for about 30%, six angle box, octagonal box, shaped boxes accounted for about 10%, and the proportion of the line box on the decline, special-shaped box proportion rising gradually. At present, China's packaging market line box still generally use the standard. With the accelerated process of economic globalization and market competition intensifies, consumers and packaging users on the packing box of the increasingly high demand, in order to improve the additional value of products, box type design of the packing box is also increasingly diverse, some advanced automatic bottom lock box demand is also more and more. Box type this complex cannot be produced effectively by pasting machine manual or simple. In the aspect of box type adaptability, automatic paste box machine is far less than imported automatic paste box machine, especially in the production of special-shaped box, present domestic automatic paste box machine is still unable to meet the requirements, the domestic manufacturers need to redouble our efforts.

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