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2014 session of the ninth Chinese International Exhibition FOLDINGCARTON

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Since 2006 the successful first run, Chinese international box exhibition has traversed a glorious 8 years. Ninth exhibition will be held in 2014 April 10-12 in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center and we meet again. In 2014 Chinese international box show once again achieved great success, as the Asia Pacific professional display leading trading platform box Postpress equipment, supplies, technology and service, exhibition brings together Asian area focus on processing after the road of high-end color box packaging printing enterprises, the exhibition for exhibitors and with high purchasing power and the intention of the face-to-face communication with the opportunity of communication; and to provide the channel box after the one and only, suppliers can fully fit the needs of market channels, to help exhibitors demonstrate effectively after the product, technology and image.

The rapid development of the color box packaging market driven development of Chinese carton processing equipment manufacturing industry, especially the carton processing equipment after the road manufacturing field. Chinese International Exhibition FOLDINGCARTON FOLDINGCARTON is professional display after processing equipment and supplies exhibition, the exhibition equipment more than 500 Taiwan, after processing supplies more than 800. Chinese carton processing equipment after the road, has become the most competitive Chinese printing equipment industry. In recent years, has been the emergence of a number of internationally competitive Chinese after processing equipment enterprises, they focus on independent research and development, with independent core technology, to create quality products and services to win, to show the world "Chinese manufacturing" Wumart, quality, the highest price characteristics. Packaging industry has unlimited potential, equipment enterprises aim at the packaging market. With the continuous development of packaging products, production enterprises to increase the demand for equipment in the quality and quantity of after, the processing equipment after the road constantly updated, become one of the highlights of the development of packaging and printing equipment industry. ['1']

According to the survey, America well-known Payne (Pira) latest report, "2012 ~2017 global retail packaging industry market forecast" display, in 2011 the global packaging materials demand at 27000000 tons, worth $54000000000. From 2012 to 2017 five years, packaging materials demand will increase to 32100000 tons, worth $62300000000. The rapid development of the market is mainly concentrated in the Chinese, India and Brazil in South America market, and Africa part of the country.

As the financial crisis deepened, Chinese whole printing industry is in a transition period. The level of domestic consumption is in constant growth, the domestic packaging consumption quantity presents the fast growth the geometric style, more people are increasing demand for packaging so as to promote the quality and demand increase China printing and packaging. At the same time, the rapid growth of electronic journals so that the traditional paper printing shrinking, books and business printing more and more enterprises start to save it, through the transformation, to seek new profit "engine" from existing business, and the packaging and printing as many enterprise the Nuggets choice.

At present, the different areas of the printing enterprise is to package printing market. With the growing prosperity of commodity economy China, many commodities, such as food packaging, beverage, pharmaceutical, paper and paperboard industry, will be rapid development, packaging and printing market China prospects. According to the National Bureau of statistics data show, 2013 Chinese packaging printing industry has maintained a steady growth, is expected to 2014, packaging printing market compound annual growth rate of global 5.6%, and Chinese 9.6%, global growth in second. With the new trend of international packaging printing industry -- green, environmental protection, energy conservation requirements, and improve the Chinese manpower cost, forcing more packaging printing companies to seek more efficient manufacturing automation equipment.

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