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Approaching the "2014 Southern China International Corrugated Exhibition" opening "a new era of green packaging"

Release date:2014-05-23    Source:chinadaliy    Hits:735 Views

April 10, 2014 -12, "2014 Southern China International Corrugated" "2014 China International Exhibition FOLDINGCARTON" will be in Dongguan Houjie Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center held a grand as Asia Pacific's leading corrugated packaging manufacturing event, "the 2014 Southern China International Corrugated Exhibition" will be held April 10, 2014 -12 in Guangdong Dongguan grand opening. Southern China international Waleng exhibition held in even numbered years based in Southern China, radiation region, the exhibition will be with the "2014 China International Exhibition FOLDINGCARTON" the same host, opened 4, 5, hall 6, expected the exhibition area will reach 60000 square meters. The exhibition on display over a thousand kinds of corrugated box manufacturing solutions, gathered in the industry renowned corrugated equipment and consumables suppliers, with high purchasing power and the Asia Pacific region professional buyers and traders, a solid platform to build communication and trade for the. At the same time, Southern China international Waleng Exhibition for the industry to provide an understanding of the latest manufacturing technology, industry, global development trends, as well as an important opportunity to expand new market opportunities.

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